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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yes, they did say it...........

I remember being a kid and my gram and grandpa and every adult in the neighbor having the most off the wall sayings for everything.
As an adult I think we pick up some of the lingo of our childhood. I have found myself on countless occasions saying some of the strangest things and then I am left thinking OMG I sound just like my parents and grandparents did .
I remember thinking the only way to get anywhere was in a hand basket, or a bread basket ....I was doomed early on to go to hell in a bread basket... I was doomed their more often than not when wondering were we were going.

I also just thought I was the end all be all because I knew that any time was the perfect time for "half passed a monkeys ass, quarter till this balls".... Now I know I have never said that one to my children ..... Speaking of time I also knew that I was never going to know the time until it was" time to get my own watch". Problem was How was I going to use the watch I get if i didn't know how to tell time.... Unless it showed monkey asses and balls.

I have to laugh every time I pass a corn field ~as growing up in the corn belt.... I would hear as soon as the crops were in, I hope that "corn is knee high by the forth of July"..... Having walked a many a corn fields in my day.... THE CORN WAS ALWAYS KNEE HIGH BY THE FORTH OF JULY ALWAYS.... That however does not stop me from saying the very thing to whom ever is in the car.

I will confess to the occasional bloody stump beating threat , which I had the good fortune of never encountering, and I must say I am glad I didn't...who would want to be beaten with their bloody arm?.... This was a favorite saying of my dads...

I have a question as I am unsure who else has heard this or if its just the farm kids I know... But just exactly how tough are tits on a boar? Really I am still wondering......

As the summer kid in all of us has tried one time or another... MY "ODE TO SUMMER SAYINGS..."its hot enough to fry an egg out there".
Well yes I did try to fry an egg outside one afternoon after my grandma announced that " indeed its hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk...... I remember sneaking the egg out of the fridge and walking down the sidewalk in front of old Mollens house and cracking that egg and sitting like I had laid the damn thing and waiting and sweating and waiting and sweating for the egg to cook.....

As a child there are few questions that go unanswered when your parents are mad at you... I am speaking of the question of how did I get here and who did I actually come from.... Some of us fortune enough to grow up in this family have no reason to wonder those thoughts as we were told repeatedly...."I brought you into this world and I can surely take you out" I was a smart ass as a kid,, ( ya think) and well I got brave enough one day to ask where she was taking me... Only to all most have my arm ripped off....

I am also fortunate to have all my fingers perfectly intact, I often wondered if I would be cripples If I were ever caught touching things that I was not supposed to. From far away in another room I would hear" touch that again and I will break your fingers"

I will leave everyone with my finally thought for this Sunday evening .... "I AM FINALLY ABLE TO CONFESS I HAVE MOST DEFINITELY "GROWN TO BIG FOR MY BRITCHES"

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Stay cool... and just think FALL IS ALMOST HERE :)

I am not at all happy that the picture loader thingy~ ma ~bob portion of this little ditty did not work cause I wanted to post pics ;(


  1. Thingymabob....I read this as thingy Ma ...Bob? I was like is she talking to her mom and who the hell is bob!

    I remember this saying from Childhood....."Terry Shut your Fucking Pie Hole" and "Why the Fuck Not? I said Fucking Please" and I remember fondly....."Brandie! Just FUCK OFF!" I miss the good ol days!

  2. LOL Brandie~ my pie hole..Blahahahaha...
    Please just doesn't have the same ring anymore and FUCK OFF IS STILL MY FAVORITE.... Along with THATTTTTTSSSSS NICEEEEEEE