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Saturday, July 31, 2010


~The bountiful harvest that are to come and the ripening fruits that are to bare her loving gifts of tireless work. Reap her rewards and waste none, for soon her fullness will be done~

AUGUST 1ST.......~ LAMMAS. BLESSED ARE THE BOUNTIES OF THE FIRST HARVEST~ WHEAT AND BARLEY.....Bake a taste bread...but be mindful of the season to come and for every cup you consume, put away two.

~Hazel brings enlightenment and inspiration.
Grace your alter this month with a few Hazelnuts and a hazelnut scented candle...

~Candles, small sticks, wicks...just to name a few... prepare your hearth for the season to come

~The dried flowers grant courage and protection for the dark season ahead

~ Enlist the powers of Demeter, Greek Goddess of Grain....Be mindful to ask for only what you are worthy and rightfully due.

~ Many believe that this is the moon of the ever eternal MOTHER GODDESS.
Work your spells for good weather and a bountiful harvest this evening and give thanks for the things to come with a wreath in her honor of corn silk and sunflowers placed on or near your hearth

The Witches Thanksgiving is close at hand....

~Sisters it is time~

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yes, they did say it...........

I remember being a kid and my gram and grandpa and every adult in the neighbor having the most off the wall sayings for everything.
As an adult I think we pick up some of the lingo of our childhood. I have found myself on countless occasions saying some of the strangest things and then I am left thinking OMG I sound just like my parents and grandparents did .
I remember thinking the only way to get anywhere was in a hand basket, or a bread basket ....I was doomed early on to go to hell in a bread basket... I was doomed their more often than not when wondering were we were going.

I also just thought I was the end all be all because I knew that any time was the perfect time for "half passed a monkeys ass, quarter till this balls".... Now I know I have never said that one to my children ..... Speaking of time I also knew that I was never going to know the time until it was" time to get my own watch". Problem was How was I going to use the watch I get if i didn't know how to tell time.... Unless it showed monkey asses and balls.

I have to laugh every time I pass a corn field ~as growing up in the corn belt.... I would hear as soon as the crops were in, I hope that "corn is knee high by the forth of July"..... Having walked a many a corn fields in my day.... THE CORN WAS ALWAYS KNEE HIGH BY THE FORTH OF JULY ALWAYS.... That however does not stop me from saying the very thing to whom ever is in the car.

I will confess to the occasional bloody stump beating threat , which I had the good fortune of never encountering, and I must say I am glad I didn't...who would want to be beaten with their bloody arm?.... This was a favorite saying of my dads...

I have a question as I am unsure who else has heard this or if its just the farm kids I know... But just exactly how tough are tits on a boar? Really I am still wondering......

As the summer kid in all of us has tried one time or another... MY "ODE TO SUMMER SAYINGS..."its hot enough to fry an egg out there".
Well yes I did try to fry an egg outside one afternoon after my grandma announced that " indeed its hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk...... I remember sneaking the egg out of the fridge and walking down the sidewalk in front of old Mollens house and cracking that egg and sitting like I had laid the damn thing and waiting and sweating and waiting and sweating for the egg to cook.....

As a child there are few questions that go unanswered when your parents are mad at you... I am speaking of the question of how did I get here and who did I actually come from.... Some of us fortune enough to grow up in this family have no reason to wonder those thoughts as we were told repeatedly...."I brought you into this world and I can surely take you out" I was a smart ass as a kid,, ( ya think) and well I got brave enough one day to ask where she was taking me... Only to all most have my arm ripped off....

I am also fortunate to have all my fingers perfectly intact, I often wondered if I would be cripples If I were ever caught touching things that I was not supposed to. From far away in another room I would hear" touch that again and I will break your fingers"

I will leave everyone with my finally thought for this Sunday evening .... "I AM FINALLY ABLE TO CONFESS I HAVE MOST DEFINITELY "GROWN TO BIG FOR MY BRITCHES"

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Stay cool... and just think FALL IS ALMOST HERE :)

I am not at all happy that the picture loader thingy~ ma ~bob portion of this little ditty did not work cause I wanted to post pics ;(

Thursday, July 22, 2010


so I have been away for a while trying to stay my mind to a happier place. I have found that when I sit down to blog I have nothing really good to say. Everyone at points in their life find that the easiest thing to do is blab on and on about all the not so desired situations they are wrapped in.
Someone I know very dear to me reminded me that what you put out there tends to navigate to you, that the universe does hear you and you often more times than not get exactly what your wanting if not immediately then eventually. With all that said I have not wanted to spill my ugly self in my ramblings of my blog home.
I have thought a-lot about all the things that are ugly and not so desirable in my life of lately and have decided that fuck ugly I want positive and desirable in my life. I have lived a lifetime of ugly for far to long. That I have to forgive the ugly and embrace the result of ugly and move on. We all know that embracing the result of ugly is often difficult and leaves us feeling less than satisfied. Finding peace and comfort in less that satisfied is a struggle we all wrestle with on a daily basis. Some of us wrestle that ugly until we are exhausted, giving into the exhaustion and repeating ugly over and over and over again. Never really growing and gaining control of the initial ugly.
I do not want to feel exhausted any more. I deserve to forgive myself, learn from ugly and move forward and that's exactly what I have finally after all these years decided to do. I can hold myself accountable for the past, but can not dwell on the why's, and the should haves.
I made a statement, more like a promise to myself many years ago and asked everyone who was still speaking to me to abide by my decision and not interfere. I have become very aware as of lately that with out ugly and the shames of ugly I would have never stayed the course. I know I embraced ugly because deep inside I did not believe I deserved
anything other than ugly. Ugly became and has been my constant companion because I felt by letting go and moving forward I would forget all the things I left behind and that striving for happy was out of my reach because I didn't deserve to be happy and that no amount of happy I could possible feel could take away all the hurt, lies and deceit I had caused not only myself but many other people I loved and cared about. My ugly hurt so many people, changed so many lives and still on a daily basis manages to rape my heart .
The above paragraph is profound to me because for as long as I can remember since the beginning of this ugly in my life I have tried to understand exactly why I punished myself. RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT I REALIZED THAT THE HARDEST THING IN LIFE IS LEARNING TO FORGIVE ONES SELF. Gaining control over the uncontrollable is a contradiction but it is essentially what I have been trying to do and could not. I need not try to control ugly but change how I let ugly control me.
Distance and time I have been told make a world of difference in how one processes events in their life. I find that ugly does not mean anything less to me today than when it showed its beastly head in my life all those years ago.What has changed is that I no longer believe I am unworthy of WHO I HAVE BECOME . In the face of ugly I have stood and the demons that have haunted me are no longer my shadow. The face looking back at me in the mirror is not hung with shame. I am sure it will shed more tears, but for the most part I recognize myself and I like who I see.

I hope everyone is having a terrific summer. I wanna see photos of vacations, beauty pageants and read about adventures in on line dating.
Fall is right around the corner and I have to admit I am looking forward to the cooler weather and the colors of the season.....My camera and I have some catching up to do.