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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Because my husband is had something to say and this is about our children and the world in their eyes.
To all the soldiers I know and those I don't THANK YOU for all that you do!!!!!

With out further a-do.... My husband's blog of the day

--While sitting in the living room with my children this evening, I truly believed that after a short session of "zoning out" I would be putting my children to bed and heading to bed myself, maybe to read a book or a magazine...  I must say that I was wrong.  I never would have expected the following conversation to happen.  It just goes to show you that some of life's more memorable moments can happen at any time and we must keep our senses perpetually tuned in for those moments.

--While blindly channel surfing, I quickly shot past the History Channel.  It was easy to tell, even from just a mere tenth of a second , that some type of war show was being aired.  Ethan, my 10yr old said "Dad, turn that back, what was that?"  I turned it back and  the bombs and the flashing and the gunfire made the rest of my children sit up and take notice.  On the television in High Def was what appeared to be WWII footage. Before I even knew what was on, images of bloodied-up soldiers, and bodies on a battlefield shot out of the screen into the room...  Instead of panicking or quickly changing the channel, I waited... I sat very still and watched for a response...

--Madelin, a 7yr old, covered her mouth and seemed disgusted by what she saw.  I could tell she knew this was real or very close to it.  Gabe and Ethan, almost simultaneously, asked me if this was a game of some kind or a war movie.  I found myself almost mad, not mad at my boys, but mad at myself for the response my boys had.  I decided at that moment that they needed to see a little bit of this, and they needed to know that war is not what they see in a video game.  Don't get me wrong, I DON'T believe that violence in video games is inherently a bad thing.  HOWEVER, I do believe that its up to the parent to teach their children the brutal difference between reality and game playing.  After explaining to them the reality of what they were seeing, I let them all know that if they had any questions they should feel free to ask.  The questions and thoughts I received are what inspired me to write this blog...  We should all take note or at least try to re-capture some of that childhood perspective on things...  I must say, they were fascinated by what they saw...  Mind you, it wasn't all gruesome, just enough to give a little taste of reality to some  eager minds...  Actually, I commend the History Channel for tempering the savage with the day to day acts to tell the story of WWII veterans in a palatable manner.


--Gabe- "Who invented war? and "Why would he invent such a thing?  and Is he in Jail now? because he should be?"

--Great question...  We assume war is a natural phenomenon.  Gabe, obviously, believes that war can't possibly "just happen"  Maybe he's right...


--Ethan- "Why fix their problems this way?  Why not play a game or something to figure out who wins?  Why don't they play Call of Duty so they can do the same thing but no-one gets hurt?"

--When he told me his idea I could see that this really made sense to him.  It was almost like he was saying, "Dad, if they need to blow things up, why not do it on the XBox and get it out of their system?"

I wondered if in the future borders could be drawn and treaties could be signed this way.


--Maddie- "Kids would never do this stuff... Our teachers tell us to be nice even if we don't like someone else"

--She said this after an image of a Japaneese child was shown.  She didn't look at the child as an enemy.  She only saw a child that, maybe, she could have played a game of hopscotch with.  Another point to take from this - what happened to the simple rules are teachers used to give us?  The world might be a much safer place if we all still observed proper playground etiquette.


--Its easy to brush off a child's comments about war as naive.  Initially, I found myself doing that very thing.

"Well" I said, "They just don't understand the complexities that go into these matters, etc, etc, etc..."

Then I caught myself.  I thought back to an interview I saw with John Glenn a few weeks back.  In the interview he talks of a phenomenon that happens to alot of astronauts during their flights.  Its something that in 90% of de-briefings is brought up in some fashion.  When looking down upon the Earth from space, the first thing these astronauts notice is that there are no borders between countries.  This takes them by surprise because all maps that we see in our lives tend to have brightly colored or demarcated borders.  The point here is simple.  We are conditioned to see individual countries as individual entities when in reality there is nothing there.  Those borders are 100% man-made...  Glenn made the point that most astronauts come back with a sense that he described as being "one-worldy".  Meaning - you get the sense that we are all in this together.  This fits within the context of discussion because, quite simply, borders are learned.  We teach children where borders are.  We have to show them where they can and cannot go.  If they were to never learn about borders, is it crazy to assume that war might not happen?    Obviously, there are other reasons we go to war, but the point is made.  Maybe the perspective of a child on matters of war and violence is the proper perspective... Perhaps, we are born with the proper way of settling our disputes, but we loose are pure instincts as they are poisoned by a a more narrow minded set of views in adulthood...


Saturday, September 4, 2010


I just thought I would share this book with everyone. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

By Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements is changed my attitudes, the way I allow the relationships in my life to affect ME and the way I coexist in my world with the things I feel the need to surround myself with. I am highly recommending this book to EVERYONE I KNOW.


1) Always do your best.

2) Don't make assumptions.

3) Never take anything personally.

4) Be impeccable with your word.

Simple? HAHAH~ Probably Not!!! But I am sure going to give them a whirl.

If you decide to read the book, let me know your thoughts.

I am so looking forward to the LONG weekend and a much needed DAY OFF. I posted to my facebook page the other day that I needed a package delivered to me of SPARE TIME..... As I seem to never have enough time in my day for ME.... I am hoping to catch up with myself at some point and EXHALE....

Until next time~ Blessed be >>> The season is fast approaching.. HURRAY FOR FALL.My Favorite followed by a close runner up for favorite... WINTER... HIP HIP HURRAY :>)~

There is nothing better than bon-fires, great friends and gooey melting s'mores~ Ok wait....Maybe an evening curled in my favorite chair with a JANE AUSTIN NOVEL and a great big cup of hot chocolate ( the bigger the better) and glancing up and seeing the SNOW gentle fall .....

I am off to shop for mums for the flower beds tomorrow... Smiles ~<:)> it is going to be a GREAT WEEKEND.


Sunday, August 15, 2010


I so can not wait for NOVEMBER..... The next installment in the generation long movie epic Harry Potter. I am a huge fan and have read all the books with the exception of the last book. I can not bear to see the story end. I sat in tears when my favorite character died, well two of my favorite characters have died. I am a little afraid..I know~ what ? afraid, well anyway call me a looser!! I am ok with it!!!! I am sure Barbara will have to drive me home when we go cause I will be an emotional wreck... Non the less, this is for Barb and our upcoming date and all the other Harry Potter fans around the world.....
Love ya Barbie~ Your the best movie partner a girl could ask for...MUAH~ XOXOX

Since we are speaking of November I thought I would leave you with a song .... Love me some GNR~

E-loumination started this movie anticipation thanks loum.. Check out his Blog post at ... He always has something witty to tell us about . I am still awaiting the online dating blog update...Lets go Loum it is time.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday afternoon.....~

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Beautiful Blogger Award

I have finally won something.

A little back story....
I was that kid who would go to the local carnivals and spend all her change on tickets to play the carnival games and never win a thing. I had the good fortune of having a brother who could win with his eyes closed. Thank you Jay for giving me the biggest Pebbles ( Flintstones boys and girls) stuffed animal any girl could want.
I would go to bingo with my Parents and Aunts and those peeps would play bingo with 7000 cards and 3 packs a smokes a piece and they would yell BINGO all the time...This chick has never bingo dobbed a bingo card in her life with any success. I was the girl who did the Good Luck Dance around the chair that I was going to sit in and watch my cards faithfully like an obsessed nanny with my toes crossed and my legs too cause I always had to pee because the hall caller was on crack and called those numbers like an auctioneer and I never had time to run to the bathroom....
I have been to Vegas several times and never come home with anything other than a headache from the cheap booze and the sounds of the machines...Oh I hate the sound of slot machines...
So we all can see I don;t win much....

So Onreeone has given me this blog award....Thank you lady ~apparently she was so excited for me too come collect it and play the game that she called me in the middle of the night like a gazillion times and even called me a BITCH~ hey FUCK OFF!!! and told me to get my award...OK, OK ALREADY~ PSSSTTTT...I have been working and getting the little's ready for school.
She herself has been blogging her summer adventures in picnics and her children's growing pains and empty nest syndrome.... Click the link above if you dont follow her already. She is sure to put a smile on your face. Her glasses rock my world and I am gonna have to get myself a similar pair ~

I will Post my nominations over the weekend.
Have a terrific Friday peeps.~ Teek

Some Pink for your day~~~ Love her

Monday, August 9, 2010

Things Long Forgotten

I came across an old box today
Brought tears and smiles my way
I opened it thinking I might just throw
it all away.....

Letters from a love long past... Postmarked from 1986-1995. All neatly wrapped with the lace I wore around my neck to prom in 1988. photos of individuals who look like strangers but familiar in my brain...... I am not sure why I have kept them as We have not been together since 1995... Reading the damn things gave me a migraine from crying. Crying for all the memories that were good..... and gone, buried far away....replaced with memories that were bad, that over shadow the good that can never be taking away... Why is it so hard to forgive, Why are we creatures of hate? Why Are we so inclined to forgo forgiveness? Why is the hardest part of forgiveness, the ability to forgive ones self ?
I often think of what I would say if I had the courage. Would the words even come out like they play in my brain? Probably not, I tell my self why worry about it anyway, you will never have the opportunity. I know I tell myself that for fear of rejection. I do not believe myself a coward, I believe myself still deeply ashamed, and horrible scared. Fear of the unknown keeps us from doing so many things.
I am hoping I have with in this destiny a path yet to walk, one that is understanding and forgiving and forged with compassion. Compassion for the human nature of mistakes and lessons learned and humble in its ability to be see the truth for what it is. I may never know for my fear is real, the one true demon per say that I battle every day. I believe we are our own worst criticizer, that our demon will sit with us until we cease to exist.
Even after all this time, all the tears and for all the reaching being done, my ability to take the first step may never happen. For I have yet to learn how to properly balance the darkness of my past, with the light of my future. Maybe, just maybe one day this too shall pass...WHO KNOWS
What I do know right this moment is broken hearts do mend, SLOWLY and we all seek what you know because it is comfortable and EVERY LOVE IS MEASURED/JUDGED BY YOUR FIRST LOVE~ WE/ THEY are all alike we just choose to see or not see the similarities, unless those similarities suit our purpose.

He looks the same today just a wiser, older~ with his beautiful, witty wife and amazingly talented and beautiful children all 5 of them. I was surprised to look at pictures just today and still see that mischievous smile and sparkle in his eye. It was great to see that smile... ( No I am not stalking my ex. ) Just his Fab Wife.. Cause I secretly wish I had her glasses :)
Fab wife ~thanks so much for being the bigger person and reaching out when I didn't,.... gimme those glasses already

~ I kept the box and its content,
Tucked it back in the closet for another day~

Saturday, July 31, 2010


~The bountiful harvest that are to come and the ripening fruits that are to bare her loving gifts of tireless work. Reap her rewards and waste none, for soon her fullness will be done~

AUGUST 1ST.......~ LAMMAS. BLESSED ARE THE BOUNTIES OF THE FIRST HARVEST~ WHEAT AND BARLEY.....Bake a taste bread...but be mindful of the season to come and for every cup you consume, put away two.

~Hazel brings enlightenment and inspiration.
Grace your alter this month with a few Hazelnuts and a hazelnut scented candle...

~Candles, small sticks, wicks...just to name a few... prepare your hearth for the season to come

~The dried flowers grant courage and protection for the dark season ahead

~ Enlist the powers of Demeter, Greek Goddess of Grain....Be mindful to ask for only what you are worthy and rightfully due.

~ Many believe that this is the moon of the ever eternal MOTHER GODDESS.
Work your spells for good weather and a bountiful harvest this evening and give thanks for the things to come with a wreath in her honor of corn silk and sunflowers placed on or near your hearth

The Witches Thanksgiving is close at hand....

~Sisters it is time~

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yes, they did say it...........

I remember being a kid and my gram and grandpa and every adult in the neighbor having the most off the wall sayings for everything.
As an adult I think we pick up some of the lingo of our childhood. I have found myself on countless occasions saying some of the strangest things and then I am left thinking OMG I sound just like my parents and grandparents did .
I remember thinking the only way to get anywhere was in a hand basket, or a bread basket ....I was doomed early on to go to hell in a bread basket... I was doomed their more often than not when wondering were we were going.

I also just thought I was the end all be all because I knew that any time was the perfect time for "half passed a monkeys ass, quarter till this balls".... Now I know I have never said that one to my children ..... Speaking of time I also knew that I was never going to know the time until it was" time to get my own watch". Problem was How was I going to use the watch I get if i didn't know how to tell time.... Unless it showed monkey asses and balls.

I have to laugh every time I pass a corn field ~as growing up in the corn belt.... I would hear as soon as the crops were in, I hope that "corn is knee high by the forth of July"..... Having walked a many a corn fields in my day.... THE CORN WAS ALWAYS KNEE HIGH BY THE FORTH OF JULY ALWAYS.... That however does not stop me from saying the very thing to whom ever is in the car.

I will confess to the occasional bloody stump beating threat , which I had the good fortune of never encountering, and I must say I am glad I didn't...who would want to be beaten with their bloody arm?.... This was a favorite saying of my dads...

I have a question as I am unsure who else has heard this or if its just the farm kids I know... But just exactly how tough are tits on a boar? Really I am still wondering......

As the summer kid in all of us has tried one time or another... MY "ODE TO SUMMER SAYINGS..."its hot enough to fry an egg out there".
Well yes I did try to fry an egg outside one afternoon after my grandma announced that " indeed its hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk...... I remember sneaking the egg out of the fridge and walking down the sidewalk in front of old Mollens house and cracking that egg and sitting like I had laid the damn thing and waiting and sweating and waiting and sweating for the egg to cook.....

As a child there are few questions that go unanswered when your parents are mad at you... I am speaking of the question of how did I get here and who did I actually come from.... Some of us fortune enough to grow up in this family have no reason to wonder those thoughts as we were told repeatedly...."I brought you into this world and I can surely take you out" I was a smart ass as a kid,, ( ya think) and well I got brave enough one day to ask where she was taking me... Only to all most have my arm ripped off....

I am also fortunate to have all my fingers perfectly intact, I often wondered if I would be cripples If I were ever caught touching things that I was not supposed to. From far away in another room I would hear" touch that again and I will break your fingers"

I will leave everyone with my finally thought for this Sunday evening .... "I AM FINALLY ABLE TO CONFESS I HAVE MOST DEFINITELY "GROWN TO BIG FOR MY BRITCHES"

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Stay cool... and just think FALL IS ALMOST HERE :)

I am not at all happy that the picture loader thingy~ ma ~bob portion of this little ditty did not work cause I wanted to post pics ;(