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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lost Treasures

I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE photography. I am actively looking for a place to send some of my photos of nature and insect life.

I will take long walks at COX ARBORETUM and wander around aimlessly taking pictures of everything that catches my eye.

I wanted to share some of my Favorite photos. Some of them you may have already seen and some you may have not.

Ms. Mystery~

These creatures fascinate me.
I will sit for hours on the bridge and snap
photos of the visitors to the Lilly pads

The Kids called her " Beauty" and she spent most

afternoons in my echinacea garden
Echinacea grows wild in Ohio....
It is a stunning Perennial and is effortless
to maintain.

The Winner of Race~

The turtle was king of the pond basking in afternoon sun....

The Prince in Waiting~
There is a fairy tale awaiting this prince of the pond~ I find the cadence of a pond of Bull frogs to be
the essence of summer.

I have so many photos I want to share. I plan to upload a few each month and will continue with my photo of the day.

There is so much beauty and majesty in a simple stroll thru the park.
I had a conversation yesterday that made me remember what I find calming and relaxing. Where my soul reconnects with her maker.
The blessing of the goddess remind us everyday that we do not walk this great planet alone. I am so thankful for her gifts, those she bestows on me everyday and those she saves for the moments that I am worthy of her most prized creations. It is those moments when my eye catches a glimpse of the gift she has given me that I inhale deeply and feel rebirth......
It is time to rekindle my deep love affair with mother nature... And the profound respect for the way of the GREEN ONE~ 366 Days await me

~ Teek


  1. Lovely, photos... Great composition, great foreground/background relationships, great detail.... you should find somewhere to submit these

  2. My sister works at Sea World and loves taking pictures around the park. She would definitely appreciate this, even more than I did. Thanks for sharing and keep 'em coming!

  3. You are incredibly talented with that camera. I will also search for somewhere for you to display and/or be rewarded for your work. It is truly magnificent!